Why Lauren Industries?

We know there are a few choices out there when it comes to getting a bin stocking supplier or your scheduled inventory service. With each choice you really do not know what to expect. Here is what we believe sets Lauren Industries apart from our competition.

1 – Knowledgeable Representatives stop in to maintain your inventory level and put away stock.

2 – Field Service Ordering may be done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on necessity.

3 – Working with customers to efficiently and effectively maintain proper inventory levels. CUT PURCHASING & ORDER PROCESSING COSTS

4 – One main source of supply for all of your maintenance hardware reduces cost by minimizing the time-consuming paperwork you have to process, such as purchase orders, requisitions, checks and reports. ONLY THE BEST Quality, service, guaranteed products and computer assistance cut maintenance cost and increase productivity.

5 – We believe in RESPONSIBLE BILLING!

-We have a complete description on the packing slip and the invoice.

-Prices are subject to change without notice but will not play the “creep while you sleep” game.

-Quoted prices available upon request.

-No “Bait and Switch.”

-As long as you maintain your monthly minimum your price level will stay the same!

If you are in the Central Ohio area, and you want more information please contact us, and we’ll have someone stop out and see if our service will benefit you.