Product Glance

Here are the six primary lines for Lauren Industries These lines are not the only things you will find at Lauren Industries. They are just the beginning. To find out about more items that Lauren Industries has check at the bottom of this page.


Not only do we have the standard hex head cap screws, but also socket head cap screws, cotter pins, hair pins, washers, nuts, carriage bolts, elevator bolts, floor screws, rivets and tons of other fasteners. All of this combined with our front door service makes Lauren Industries an unbeatable solution.


We stock a wide range of chemicals ranging from B’Laster and Seymour of Sycamour products to Gent-L-Kleen. We search for the best and get it to you. Also available is white & red grease, welding anti-spatter, gel lube, glass cleaner, brake cleaner, high solid paints, hand cleaner and many more chemicals are added on a monthly basis as this area explodes!

Electrical Products

From heat shrink butt connectors to standard PVC butt connectors, Lauren Industries has it. Our electrical products line consist of top quality products that save you time and money.

Cutting Tools

Drill bits, saw blades, cobalt drill bits, drill indexes, taps & dies, end mills, sand paper, shop rolls, “R” type disc, and tons of other cutting tools that would take up pages and pages to list here. We figure that a fastener isn’t much good if you don’t have the proper tools to cut, drill, grind or prepare the area you’re going to use the fastener in. That is why we also carry many different grades of quality. From the economy tool to the highest quality tool. Our complete line can make your job easier and help you complete your job sooner.

Body Shop Clips and Fasteners

This is where it all started. In 1995 the owner had a few body shops and car dealerships and grew from there. Push clips, Christmas trees, body bolts, u-nuts, screws and other body shop supplies all at rock bottom prices that have kept Lauren Industries at the forefront of the automotive industry.

Brass & Steel Fittings

This line includes not only your double compression, Prestolock, Legris, plastic tubing, black pipe, brass & hydraulic fittings, quick connects, air brake, tubing, hose clamps, valves and pneumatic but also shop air hose, Coll-O-Crimp System, hydraulic hose, heater hose, thermoplastic hose. A complete line of hose and fittings available along with our front door service.